I’m Smitten



Home Sweet Home

I apologize about the iPhone pic, but it’s the best I could do under the circumstances. The circumstances were that we were moving in and I was too lazy to grab the camera. 😉  Since taking the pic we had our favorite 3M come over and help us with the front flower bed- It’s looking awesome and after a week is still alive!! Booyah!

Huz took a bunch of pictures of the inside which we’ll start showing. We’ve also got a few diy projects we’ve completed too!

With a Name Like…

Pomplamoose, you know it’s good. This video is in honor of the bachelorette for the coming weekend! Thanks NPR for the suggestion!

You can check them out on itunes. They have an album appropriately named, “tribute to famous people”



This gorgeous weather has me feeling like going for jogs and bike rides, finishing projects, moving, and clapping at sundown!

Pic Credit

Note Trunk

Note Trunk, the etsy shop, has some seriously cute address stamps. The tough part is choosing which one suits us! What do you think?

The Paper Anniversary

The first anniversary is the paper anniversary, which leaves us in a digital world scrambling for gift ideas. We’ve given each other journals over the years and day planners for Christmas. I guess we could have gone with stationery in hopes we improved our letter writing skills; but then Chad wouldn’t have gotten to use his design capabilities. We decided on a modern family crest and here is his result. We’re going to turn it into a stamp so don’t be surprised if you see it again in the future! Sorry about the long image, we turned a pdf into a picture and it did crazy things!

What would be on your crest?


If you are like us, you enjoy your fair share of chips and queso; but the main event is definitely the tortillas! So we tried this recipe from Orangette and were definitely not disappointed. We suggest fajitas and a dinner party to along with them, because you’ll end up with enough tortillas for four. Probably six if people don’t go crazy and start dipping away! Okay, yeah, just four!

Our lives have undeniably been improved by the addition of a cast iron skillet to our home. If you don’t have one run, don’t walk to the nearest Bass Pro Shop!

What’s your favorite kitchen essential?