My Mr.

Mr. Ward sends me e-mails including leg kicks and fist pumps that brighten my day.

Mr. Ward wears his vintage Phillies hat, while listening to music I don’t understand, petting Bauer, and watching highlights on ESPN 3.

Mr. Ward doesn’t even blink when I ask him if we can move to Portland, and then Boston, and then Vermont.

Mr. Ward would always go with wilderness scruff, but shaves so he can kiss me. He must be crushin’ hard!

Mr. Ward makes me laugh every time he orders a skinny cinnamon dulce latte, with extra cinnamon. Delicious and o, so manly!

Mr. Ward  created the, “if we mess it up, we’ll go buy a five dollar hot n’ ready rule”. Therefore I feel free to mess up dinner on a regular basis. Who knew Penne a La’ Betsy wasn’t meant to have a cajun twist?

Mr. Ward is my beloved! I am one lucky wife!


7 responses to “My Mr.

  1. the one thing Mr. Ward doesn’t do enough of is Tweet. Twitter wants more.

  2. Too many things to comment on. ESPN3 is awesome, so are hot-n-readys, and Portland is innnnnnn

  3. I love everything you said except the part about moving!!!! Vacation all you want but you can’t move.:) Love you.:)

  4. Kyra’s beverage of choice is the skinny CDL as well. Mine was recommended by Mr. Ward himself: frap chip. I like that Chad sacrifices facial for facial. Our mutual friend Drake told mr to say hello. I like a lot of things about Chad – my favorite would have to be his wife.

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