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Men, have you ever found yourself looking for a way to get a better shave? Have you ever tried different razors, 1,2,3, or 12 blades? What about different shaving creams, foams, gels, or soaps? I know I have. My beard is coarse and my skin is sensitive and it’s not uncommon for me to get razor burn or bumps. I have tried many things but certainly not everything and in the process I think I’ve learned a trick or two. That being said I recently stumbled on something I have never heard of, and quite frankly was a little nervous to try. Cold water shaving.

The claim is that when you shave with hot water your beard is softened and the razor cuts through each hair smooth and easy, however in that process you may slide over some hairs and the hot water makes your skin swell slightly. Contrarily, shaving with cold water your beard remains stiff and the blade is able to cut each hair completely leaving no bent missed hairs as well as keeping your skin tight and reduce redness and irritation. Now this sounded crazy to me but I wasn’t above giving it a go with the chance that it might actually work.

My personal conclusion is that shaving with cold water is NOT fun in any way at all. It’s not soothing, it’s not smooth, and the razor pulls on your beard as is cuts through. BUT, the results were as advertised. It was a very close shave, no irritation at all. I’m not willing to do this everyday but when there’s no time to do it the pleasant way, the cold shave will deliver. My advice, if you choose to try this someday, use a sharp razor, that will help…a little bit.


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