In case you were wondering…

How do two people in their twenty’s celebrate their first year of marriage? A trip to Lowe’s for this guy,

It’s the perfect depth, width, and height; plus its stainless steal with an ice maker.

Which begs the question, when did we start considering appliances acceptable anniversary fare? Oh, well, it’s probably around the same time we decided to buy a cute little cottage with enough projects to crash this blog.

Will be back later this week with part two of our anniversary gift spectacular. A family crest, designed and created by husband.

What was your best gift ever?


It had to be you…

Here is a self indulgent flash back of where we were a year ago today. Neither of us was prepared for how incredible year one of marriage would be (sappy flashback reel) or how it would change us for the better. Thanks for barring with us as we have a sappy moment.

The Infamous ShoesThe MenChurch


Why buy Yurman when you can buy hex nuts. Wife found this and insisted I make her one immediately. I did of course in exchange for some homemade veggie soup. It was a win-win.


Reading is something I have always taken for granted. Growing up, my mom and I took turns reading Little House on the Prairie out loud until we finished the series. Next we moved on to the Chronicles of Narnia and we read a million smaller books in between.

Each Tuesday night I’m a reading buddy and that has reminded me how fortunate I was to have parents who read with me. Reading builds confidence and the ability to form independent thoughts. It spurs creativity and gives a sense of accomplishment. Sometimes my students are whizzes, breezing through the pages with ease; other times, they struggle and need a little extra encouragement (they all always love their snack). I leave each week thankful to all of them for reminding me of my blessings and the importance of sharing those blessings with others.

What do you take for granted?

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The People’s Vote

I don’t always love writing blog posts. Shocking coming from a blogger who hasn’t written in a week. Right? I am, however, intrigued by how blogging is changing the consumer process.

Today I was going around my usual lunchtime websites, when I clicked on Madewell. Rather than what the editors say are the best pieces this spring, they chose a panel of bloggers to make the selections. Not only was I thrilled by the choice, but I found a new favorite blog too.


Pink Scalloped Shorts , Paper Bag Waist, Lovely!

Mr. Groundhog and a 70 degree weekend have given me hope for an early Spring. After diligently searching through the J Crew Spring look book, I have decided that the pink scalloped shorts outty is my fav! If you could sum up an entire season in one outfit, this one takes the cake.

Sew I Thought adapted a McCalls pattern to create her scalloped shorts.

If you aren’t on the sewing track, you could try this no sew option from Here’s Looking At Me Kid.

And last but not least a tutorial from Transient Expression.

Is it too ambitious to try combining the scallop tutorials with the paper bag waist tutorial from Adventures in Dress Making? Gosh I hope not!

Happy Valentines Day!

Drew Holcomb and the Neighbors – Fire and Dynamite