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Confetti Confections

Confetti System has been busy creating its whimsical landscapes for parties and store windows. Streamers, pinatas, glitter; nothing is off limits.

Happily for Chad our tissue paper budget isn’t up to par with those guys or our living room might start to look like a paper-palooza. In the meantime I’ll take a few tips from these DIYsters. Even with the holidays almost over you are sure to need a banner or two for all of the spring wedding and baby showers!


Project Wedding has these colorful mobiles; have sewing machine, will party. Instructions are here.

Wedding Chicks highlighted this garland idea, no instructions, but I’m sure you can get creative with it!

One Lovely Day featured this DIY by City Cradle Design, using leftover wrapping paper.

For more inspiration, visit the Confetti System here.



Oh, Emerson

Not only is the name Emerson completely awesome, but I believe if the world dressed like this we would have peace on Earth. Too bold? Who could have bitterness in their heart when wearing a ribbon blouse or a white dahlia? Probably  nobody!

Dahlia Love

Sunshine and Ribbons

Something for the Men (Great Idea to replace the Boutonnière)

Loving EmersonMade!

Jiggity Jog!

Sometimes I feel overwhelmed by all of the creativity around me; and then I feel blessed for the very same reason. Lately I have been obsessed with Portland, in a way that has me looking up the weather there on my App for that. So, when I found this market that’s going on in November I fell in love even more. It’s a handmade market happening at the Ace Hotel and I am five seconds away from making it a road-trip adventure. In the meantime, check out these links to a few of the vendors. Let me know if you want to jump in the car with me, we can split the gas money. Chad will thank you.

Twigs and Honey has these adorable garters and some really fantastic pieces for your hair too.


Paul Ferney has gotten a lot of recognition for these d-to-the-licious paintings.

And last but not least, Shanna Murray has created some clutch wall decals.



A Link or Two


If you love handmade and vintage items you will have tons of fun checking out the world of Lovely Clusters. It’s sort of an Etsy edited, or as one person said, “it’s like Etsy had a tea party!” But be careful,it is equally as addicting!

Another wonderful place to go for inspiration is We Love Indie. The web-site is self proclaimed as the best in indie arts and crafts, DIY and handmade. It can be difficult to navigate, but there is so much to love. It is also a great way to find new blogs to come back and visit later, since the website is basically a compilation of blog posts in itself.

Love, Taza

Maybe I love reading the rockstar diaries because she calls her husband, Husband, and so do I.

Maybe I love it because she claims to have fallen in love with her husband at Barnes and Noble and I am pretty sure I fell in love with mine at Target.

Or Maybe it’s because they get to live in Washington D.C. and make headbands and work at JP Morgan.

It’s probably because of all three!