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Lessons Courtesy of Elf

1. If you use yarn to wrap packages you don’t need to worry about 6 inch ribbon curls.

2. Mailrooms smell like mushrooms, so it isn’t so bad to wait in line for the drive thru boxes.

3. The Elves four main food groups are good, but so is the Pioneer Woman’s Chicken Spaghetti!

4. Even though we love projects, we should stick with white board instead of using the wood from our media console.

5.  Even in the shower we don’t sound like She and Him, darn it!

6. Light brights are way more versatile than we ever gave them credit for in the past.

7. It’s much more difficult to make a paper snowflake winter wonderland than it looks.

8. We have some serious snowball skills to brush up on and should probably take a trip to Colorado pronto. If we got into a snowball fight with an Elf now, it would be a massacre.

9. It kind of stinks you can’t push every button in the elevator. Everyone really should do it just once.

10. Watching Wham’s Last Christmas video on youtube is life changing, although we aren’t sure if it’s for the better. This really has nothing to do with Elf, but its killer.


Another Opens

Among my many vices is one of the worst, my addiction to high priced coffee. Hopefully this will change someday when I have an espresso machine and some serious, one-on-one barista training. However, today I am very thankful for my vice and the encounter it afforded me.

As I was walking towards the door, with my grande beverage of choice in hand, an older gentlemen got up out of his chair and opened the door for me. He absolutely didn’t need to do this, my other hand was free and otherwise I would be pretty capable just pushing the door open with my back. As he opened the door, he casually explained, “I’m not sure why, I just had to get the door for you.” And as I got into my car what I really wanted to do was to go back inside and tell him how blessed I had been by his small act of kindness.

During a time when gifts seem to be multiplying, him opening the door was a welcomed reminder that the best kindnesses are more organic.

Merry Christmas Week!

*Chad gets all the photo credit