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man stuff: gift ideas for men

I know you all have been holding your breath for us to roll out our holiday gift guides, wait no more. Here is our men’s gift guide for all you looking for some ideas of what to get the amazing guys in your life.

Vintage Chambray Utility Shirt – Versatile.

Converse Jack Purcells – Classic.

Nixon, Manual – Style.

Leffot, The Fold – Simple.

Dremel Rotary Tool – Multi.

Decoded by Jay-Z – Hip-Hop

What’s on your list this year?


More Man Stuff

Men, have you ever found yourself looking for a way to get a better shave? Have you ever tried different razors, 1,2,3, or 12 blades? What about different shaving creams, foams, gels, or soaps? I know I have. My beard is coarse and my skin is sensitive and it’s not uncommon for me to get razor burn or bumps. I have tried many things but certainly not everything and in the process I think I’ve learned a trick or two. That being said I recently stumbled on something I have never heard of, and quite frankly was a little nervous to try. Cold water shaving.

The claim is that when you shave with hot water your beard is softened and the razor cuts through each hair smooth and easy, however in that process you may slide over some hairs and the hot water makes your skin swell slightly. Contrarily, shaving with cold water your beard remains stiff and the blade is able to cut each hair completely leaving no bent missed hairs as well as keeping your skin tight and reduce redness and irritation. Now this sounded crazy to me but I wasn’t above giving it a go with the chance that it might actually work.

My personal conclusion is that shaving with cold water is NOT fun in any way at all. It’s not soothing, it’s not smooth, and the razor pulls on your beard as is cuts through. BUT, the results were as advertised. It was a very close shave, no irritation at all. I’m not willing to do this everyday but when there’s no time to do it the pleasant way, the cold shave will deliver. My advice, if you choose to try this someday, use a sharp razor, that will help…a little bit.


Man Stuff

Recently I was working on a bike build and had a light bulb go on in my head. I was on the ground with my frame upside down with the seat on the ground and thought, this just won’t do any longer. So the decision was made right then to buy a bike repair stand. But it turns out retail bike repair stands cost an arm and a leg, so that was no longer an option. When one door closes another door opens and behind the second door for me was an opportunity for a new project. I’ll take you through this build step-by-step, but if you want the official plans click here.


(1) 1″x2’x4′ piece of plywood

(1) 1″ threaded pipe flange

(4) 1″x1/4″ bolts, washers, and nuts

(1) 60″ section of 1″ diameter threaded pipe (galvanized or black)

(1) 1″x3/4″ 90 degree reducer pipe elbow

(1) 24″ section of 3/4″ diameter threaded pipe (galvanized or black)

(1) 5″ section of 4″x4″

(1) #50 Pony Clamp

(8) 1″ wood screws

Step #1:

Attach the pipe flange to one side of the plywood with the bolts, washers, and nuts (ABOVE). Countersink the holes for the bolts on the bottom side to insure that the base lays flat (BELOW).

Step #2:

Screw the 60″ threaded pipe into the flange on the base (ABOVE). Screw the 90 degree reducer pipe elbow on the top of the 60″ pipe with the leftover 3/4″ opening aligned with the front of the base (BELOW).

Step #3:

Drill a hole in the middle of the 4″x4″ block slightly larger than the bike’s seat post and then cut the block in half showing the long side of the drilled hole.

Step #4:

Drill four holes in each side of the Pony Clamp and attach the clamp with the eight wood screws to each half of the cut 4″x4″ (ABOVE). Then slide the Pony Clamp with wood blocks attached onto the 24″ threaded pipe (BELOW).

Step #5:

Screw the 24″ pipe with the Pony Clamp attached into the 90 degree 1″x3/4″ reducer pipe elbow that’s on top of the 60″ vertical pipe.

Last Step:

Add your bike. With the clamp in the open position, lift the bike frame and place the seat post in between the wooden clamp jaws and tighten the clamp. Then step back and admire your hard work!


NFL 2010 Survivor

If you don’t feel like you have enough time for a full on fantasy league, here is our solution for you. This game makes Sunday and Monday evenings a little more interesting and can be played with a group of any size. So grab a few friends for some friendly competition using the rules below. You’ll be waiting all day for Sunday night, get your picks in!

How to Play: Pick a winning NFL team each week. If the picked team doesn’t win

then the participant is eliminated.

How to Win: Out last all other participants. If there is more than one participant

still playing at the end of week 17 then there will be a Playoff in the NFL postseason,

tiebreaker rules to follow at a later date.

Cost: Each week your pick is worth $1.00. Payment to be made all at once

when/if participant is eliminated.

One Time Use: Each NFL team may be selected by a participant only one time during the course of the

regular season.

Buy Back In: If a participant loses, he/she will have the option to buy back into the

game by making two winning picks the week immediately following the loss. Each

of these picks will be worth $2.00. If either of the buy in picks loses, then

the participant is eliminated.

Last Chance: If a participant loses after he/she has bought back into the game then

he/she will have the option to buy back in a second time by making three winning picks

the week immediately following the loss. Each of these picks will be worth $3.00. If

any of the buy in picks loses, then the participant is eliminated. NOTE,  NO participant

will be allowed to buy back in after week 9 of the NFL season.

Winnings: The cash prize will be determined on how many participants sign up and how long they stay

in the game.