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Peg Board Is Genius (And That’s That)

We had a lot of fun with this DIY, once it finally warmed up enough for the spray paint to dry. Peg Board has been a garage staple forever and with good reason. It’s versatile, holds a ton, and gives your space an air of organization  that isn’t achieved with simple shelves. Even if you don’t have spool organization issues, we hope you adapt this for your home office.

Being forgetful, as we are, we forgot to take a picture of the peg board as purchased.  So here is our attempt to make up for that via late picture taken after it had been safely stored behind some bike tires. Chad cut out the shape by tracing it onto the peg board and then cutting it with a rotary tool.

The other players included a picture frame we snagged for $9.00 at the rink (the price of the frame really drives the cost of this project), spray paint, picture hook kit, sandpaper, and double pronged straight hooks. *not pictured acrylic paint we had on hand for the peg board.

You will want to sandpaper the frame before you spray paint, so the paint will stick better.

We painted the peg board yellow with some acrylic paint we happened to have. You could always use a different color or leave it white.

After spray painting the frame we noticed some undesirable bubbles in our paint. So we spray painted it again, sanded it a little bit, then gave it one more coat. Worked like a charm!

If you buy a frame with hooks you might be able to skip this step. If not it’s very easy and you can get a kit with more hanging stuff than you could ever use for around $3.00. We hung wire both ways so we could use the frame as we wished.

When you are finished you’ll have a great way to store spools, pliers, etc- it just depends on your needs. It would also be fun to fill other picture frames with cork board or a magnetic board to create a mural.

What are some of your storage solutions?